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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Paul Howard

Institutional Sales Director, BlockFi Asia

Clare Witts

Paul is a Computer Science graduate with modules in cryptography, algorithms and finance. He’s holding a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nottingham, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Hong Kong. Paul has run Bitcoin nodes and been active with cryptocurrency since 2012. He named as one of Asia's youngest Managing Directors for a Fortune 500 company, under 30 years old. He has seed funded over 40 DeFi and Blockchain projects and has over 10 years of Institutional Sales and Trading experience as Executive director at Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs.

Paul is a co-founder of Digital Art Fair, which attracted over 27,000 visitors and generated Hong Kong's most successful NFT auction of 2021. He now works as Director for BlockFi, Asia specializing in Institutional partnerships where crypto-curious or tradFi businesses can borrow and finance strategy in Blockchain companies and technology.