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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Pasi Vainikka

Co-Founder and CEO, Solar Foods

Pasi Vainikka

Pasi Vainikka is Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Foods, a food tech company that develops innovations for global food production. Before becoming Solar Foods’ CEO, he led a strategic initiative named Neo-Carbon Energy, the single-largest renewable energy research in Finland. Spin-off projects from the Neo-Carbon Energy initiative include Soletair’s pilot plant that produces fuel from air, Neo-Carbon-Food concept for producing healthy protein from air that has been commercialized by Solar Foods, as well as the “Internet of Energy”, the world’s first simulation for a global 100% renewable electricity system.

Dr Vainikka is the Mission Innovation (MI) Champion for Finland. MI is a global initiative involving 24 countries and the European Commission working to accelerate global clean energy innovation. The Champions are individuals with a track record of progressing creative new ideas that can drive the pace and scale of the clean energy revolution. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT).

Dr Vainikka has held positions as Principal Scientist in strategic research management at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, as well as in the management of VTT’s contract research in energy. Previously, he served as Deputy Technology Manager of VTT’s bioenergy knowledge center, research team leader and a researcher.

Dr Vainikka holds a Master of Science degree in Energy Systems from Cranfield University, a Master of Science degree in Energy Economics from LUT, and a Doctor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Åbo Akademi.