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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Kyna Wong

Head of Technology and Telecoms Securities Research, China, Credit Suisse

Kyna Wong

Kyna Wong is Head of China Technology and Telecoms Securities Research. She has led the team in achieving a #3 rank in Technology Sector Best Industry Analyst Team (Overseas) in the 2018 Institutional Investor All-China and Caixin Research Poll. In addition, Ms. Wong was individually recognized in the Starmine Analyst Survey, including ranking #2 in the 2018 Top Earnings Estimator in Semiconductors Sector and #8 in the Overall Analyst Awards.

Before Credit Suisse, Ms. Wong was from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she worked in the Asia semiconductor team for three years, with a focus on integrated circuit design house companies. Prior to that, Ms. Wong worked at BNP Paribas Securities, with a focus on the solar sector.

Ms. Wong received a Juris Doctor degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and holds a Master's degree in Engineering Enterprise Management as well as a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.