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Asian Investment Conference 2023

John Lau

Executive Director, Head of Regional Wealth Management Treasury, United Overseas Bank (Singapore)

Shivam Gupta

John Lau is Executive Director, Head of Regional Wealth Manage at United Overseas Bank (UOB). 

A wealth management practitioner and financial market professional, Mr. Lau has more than 19 years of experience spanning across multiple asset classes as well as client segments.  

As a builder of successful businesses across Singapore, Malaysia and the region; Mr. Lau has an in-depth understanding of how potentially complex financial markets products can be made simple and accessible to suitable retail, affluent and SME clients. 

Leading multiple teams of wealth management experts, Mr. Lau is currently managing the Wealth Management Treasury business for UOB’s Personal Financial Services Division. His portfolio includes product management, solution advisory, sales specialists and treasury dealing which is critical to the value chain of UOB’s treasury business. 

From Foreign Exchange, Equity, Interest Rate, Commodity, Fixed Income to Structured Products, it is Mr. Lau’s passion to connect client’s wealth planning needs with the intricacies of financial markets by partnering with best-in-class providers, investing in highly experienced wealth specialists and simplifying complex ideas for our clients to understand and access as investment solutions.  

Mr. Lau is also highly involved in Singapore’s sustainability industry developments especially when it comes to sustainable investing, including helping to launch UOB’s award-winning Sustainable Investing program for its wealth management clients. He has also contributed to Singapore’s first Green Finance Handbook as part of MAS’s Green Finance Industry Taskforce initiative.