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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Janice Hu

CEO China, Credit Suisse

Janice Hu

Janice Hu is the CEO of Credit Suisse China and Chairwoman of Credit Suisse Securities (China) Limited, overseeing the bank’s overall China franchise.

As the CEO of Credit Suisse China, Janice is responsible to drive Credit Suisse China mainland business and regulatory activities with the objectives to further increase the bank’s presence, set up a comprehensive platform, and enhance Credit Suisse’s position. She works closely with Credit Suisse’s leadership team across Asia Pacific and Greater China to capitalize on collaboration opportunities.

Janice is one of the most experienced China bankers in the industry with a strong track record as a client-focused, results-oriented leader and brings a wealth of expertise to the role by leading many of the landmark transactions in China over years. During her 20-year tenure at Credit Suisse, she has held various senior roles across our China franchise, including Vice Chairwoman of Credit Suisse China and Head of China Investment Banking. In her capacity as Vice Chairwoman of China, Janice was instrumental in Credit Suisse becoming a majority shareholder of our China securities joint venture in June 2020.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Janice worked with several international financial institutions including Merrill Lynch, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and FleetBoston.

Janice holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management Studies with Honors and a Master of Arts in Management Studies from University of Cambridge.