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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Hendrick Sin

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, CMGE Technology Group Limited; Founding Partner, China Prosperity Capital Fund

Hendrick Sin

Hendrick Sin is Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of CMGE Technology Group Limited (CMGE), a leading international IP-oriented game-based ecological company, and Founding Partner of the China Prosperity Capital Fund, a leading venture capital firm with a primary focus on technology investment. He has over 12 years of entrepreneurship experience in the Greater Bay Area.

Mr. Sin is actively involved in IT and youth community work in Hong Kong. He is President of the Internet Professional Association, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Software Industry Association and President of the Youth Council. He has also been appointed by the Hong Kong Government as a committee member of the Youth Development Commission.

Mr. Sin received a Master degree in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University, and holds three Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science/Mathematics, Economics, and Industrial Management (with college honors) from Carnegie Mellon University. He was awarded the Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong of 2018 by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.