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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Graham Tiver

CFO, Woodside Energy Group Limited

Graham Tiver

Graham Tiver joined Woodside as Executive Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer in February 2022. Mr. Tiver has held significant financial, commercial and leadership roles across a range of business sectors, including minerals and oil and gas. He has extensive international experience, having worked in North and South America as well as in a variety of roles around Australia.

Prior to joining Woodside, he was at BHP where he held the role of Group Financial Controller with responsibility for BHP’s global accounting and reporting function and finance improvement spread across 10 countries.

During his 28-year career with BHP and WMC Resources, Graham has gained diverse experience spanning across senior roles in Australian nickel operations and the copper division from Chile.

Graham’s strong technical and financial capability equips him to oversee complex commercial issues, reporting across multiple regulatory jurisdictions (including Sarbanes-Oxley), engaging Auditors and working with the Board.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants.