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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Francis Belin

President, Christie’s Asia Pacific

Francis Belin

Francis Belin has been President of Christie’s Asia Pacific since January 2019. Christie’s is a world-leading art and luxury business renowned and trusted for its expert live and online auctions, as well as its bespoke private sales. In his role, Mr. Belin manages the business’ Asia Pacific-based teams including its regional offices and is accountable for all the transactions of Asian collectors globally, across live, online and private sales. Additionally, he assumes global oversight of the Asian and World Art department.

Mr. Belin has 17 years of experience in premium and luxury consumer goods. He joined Christie’s in 2016 as Global Managing Director, Asian Art. He was previously with Swarovski, overseeing their business in Asia Pacific. Prior to that, Mr. Belin began his career in Management Consulting at McKinsey & Company in Europe and Asia.

He is a member of the Board of Advisors for Kids Earth Fund in Japan. He also serves on various boards as non-executive chairman and independent non-executive director.

Mr. Belin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from ESSEC Business School and a Diploma Kaufmann from the University of Mannheim, majoring in Business Administration and Psychology.