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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Emma Crystal

Chief Sustainability Officer as of April 1, 2022, Credit Suisse

Emma Crystal

Emma Crystal is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse in the Wealth Management (WM) division, based in Zurich. As of September 2020, Ms Crystal led Wealth Management’s Northern & Western Europe business as well as the Sustainable Client Solutions (SCS) function, established to provide integrated delivery of sustainability solutions to WM clients. Ms Crystal was announced as Chief Sustainability Officer designate on January 18, 2022 and formally takes up her new position on April 1, 2022 leading Credit Suisse’s global sustainability strategy.

Prior to her current roles, Ms Crystal held a number of senior leadership positions in Zürich focusing on European clients as well as covering Family Offices for the UK and Nordic markets as part of Credit Suisse's Ultra High Net Worth Clients Group based in London. Before joining Credit Suisse, she worked at Deutsche Bank for 10 years in investment banking.