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Asian Investment Conference 2022

David Wang

Chief China Economist, Credit Suisse

David Wang

David Wang is the Chief China Economist at Credit Suisse. He joined Credit Suisse in 2018 and has assumed coverage of China’s economy.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Mr Wang was an economist in the research department of International Monetary Fund (IMF), primarily responsible at various times for macroeconomic forecasting of Asian countries and the Eurozone countries. Before the IMF, Mr Wang was a researcher for BlackRock’s Multi-asset Solutions team, specializing in tactical asset allocation, country, and sector rotation within the equity and commodities spaces. Mr Wang started his career in the financial industry as an analyst at Morgan Stanley, focusing on convertible debt underwriting and equity derivative valuations.

Mr Wang holds a PhD in Economics from Stanford University and received his undergraduate education at the University of Chicago, during which he also functioned as a research assistant at the Chicago Federal Reserve.