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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Byju Raveendran

Founder and CEO, BYJU'S

Byju Raveendran

Byju Raveendran is Founder and CEO of BYJU'S.

BYJU’S is India's largest and most-loved educational tech company. A teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance, Mr. Raveendran launched BYJU'S The Learning App in India in 2015 to help school students learn better. There are 80 million students on the platform. Mr. Raveendran built the BYJU’S brand purely on passion and the drive to create self-initiated and life-long learners. BYJU'S has attracted a diverse set of investors around the globe – including Tiger Global, CPP Investment Board, Qatar Investment Authority, General Atlantic, Tencent, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Naspers, and Sequoia Capital, among others.

Mr. Raveendran is recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Start-up category (2018), Manorama Newsmaker of the Year Award (2019), Fortune 40 under 40 Award (2018), and CNBC Young Turk of the Year (2017). He is also among 50 people to be included in the 'Bloomberg 50' 2020 list.