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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Brett Markinson

Founder, CEO and Chairman, Homium, Incorporated

Brett Markinson

Brett Markinson is Founder, CEO and Chairman of Homium, Incorporated. Mr Markinson leveraged the disruptive dynamics of Blockchain and launched a new venture, homium, which focuses on transforming home equity into an investable digital asset.

A serial entrepreneur, Mr Markinson has been actively involved in the development of more than 35 businesses, with a focus on companies leveraging disruptive technology over the past 25 years. Mr Markinson’s businesses have been nominated four times for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award and he was part of the winning team twice through (sold to Nordstrom for USD270 million) and (sold to Experian for USD388 million). He most recently exited Sole Society, a direct to customer vertical fashion retail platform, where he served as Founder and Chairman, following the sale of the platform to Camuto Group.

Mr Markinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance from Babson College.