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Benjamin Hall

Journalist, State Department Correspondent, Fox News

Benjamin Hall

Benjamin Hall is veteran war reporter and Fox News Correspondent based in London.

Hall is the author of Saved: A War Reporter's Mission to Make It Home. This evocative, harrowing, and deeply moving work is a powerful memoir of family and friends, of life and healing, and of how to respond when you are tested in unimaginable ways. Perhaps more importantly, it is also a tribute to the many heroes who risked their lives to save his.

As a journalist for Fox News, Hall had worked in dangerous war zones like Syria and Afghanistan, but with three young daughters at home, life on the edge was supposed to be a thing of the past. Yet, when Russia viciously attacked Ukraine in February 2022, Hall was quickly dispatched; despite the risks, he knew that Americans needed to understand this world-altering conflict.

On March 14, 2022, while on assignment covering the war in Ukraine, Hall and his crew were hit by a multi-sequential Russian drone strike. Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshinova, who were working alongside him, were killed. With Hall himself gravely injured and stuck in Kyiv, it was unclear if he would make it out alive.

Saved is the story of how he survived – a story that continues to this day. For the first time, Hall details his experience in full, from his ground-level view of the war in Ukraine to the heroic actions that led to his dramatic rescue and through his arduous, and ongoing, recovery.

He shares stories about his time at the front lines of the world’s most dangerous conflicts and reveals how he struggled to step away from war reporting, going inside the events that have permanently transformed him. Hall recalls his time at the front lines of our world’s conflicts, exploring how his struggle to step back from war reporting led him into the fray one perilous last time, and explaining how his years of experience kept him safe, leading him to cover one more story that ultimately turned into a mission of perseverance.

Through it all, Hall’s spirit has remained undaunted, buoyed by that remarkable corps of people from around the world – whose collective determination ensured his survival – the former and current military personnel who rescued him, the medical staff who saved him, his coworkers who fought for his safe return, and his family who supported him at every turn. Ultimately, this trauma, the greatest of his life, serves as a pivotal reminder to us all of the fundamental goodness in the world, illuminating how the horrors of war can bring about the best in humanity, and how everything can change in an instant.