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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Anthony Watanabe

Chief Sustainability Officer, Indorama Ventures PCL

Anthony Watanabe

Anthony M. Watanabe is Chief Sustainability Officer at Indorama Ventures PCL (IVL), a global sustainable chemical company with more than 140 operating sites in 35 countries. Prior to succeeding Yash Lohia in 2022, he was Vice President and Global Head of Environmental Sustainability at IVL. Armed with 20 years of experience in this field, Mr. Watanabe is a pioneer and early advocate of the importance of Sustainability in Business. He is also a Sustainability entrepreneur, investor, and author.

Before embarking on his journey with IVL, Mr. Watanabe was Head of Growth – Innovation and Smart Mobility at Alstom, based in Bangkok. Prior to Alstom, he was Global Head of Digital and Climate Innovation at Bombardier Transportation. He also established his own firms in Canada and Thailand to drive sustainable innovations, clean energy, and market transformation to a profitable and environmentally-friendlier way of doing business.

With his vast experience and global networks in Sustainability, Mr. Watanabe helps IVL identify and capture opportunities linked to Climate Change. From renewable energy to qualification for green financing, he drives projects and strategic initiatives from ideation to implementation to help IVL maintain its position as a global Sustainability champion.

Watanabe holds a Ph.D. degree from University of Toronto, Canada. He lives in Bangkok with his wife and is a father to two sons.