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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Angus Muirhead

Head of Equities and Head of Thematic Equities, Lead Portfolio Manager Robotics Fund, Asset Management, Credit Suisse

Angus Muirhead

Angus Muirhead is Managing Director, Head of Equities and Head of Thematic Equities, and Lead Portfolio Manager of the Credit Suisse (Lux) Robotics Equity Fund at Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Mr Muirhead started his investment career in 1997 as a buy-side equity analyst at Phillips & Drew Fund Management in London, before moving to Tokyo in 2000 to focus on the Japanese technology and healthcare sectors. In 2007, he moved to Zurich as a Portfolio Manager specializing in global technology and healthcare-related thematic equity funds and joined the Credit Suisse Thematic Equity team in 2016 as a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Mr Muirhead holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Japanese Language and Business Studies from Durham University, including a year of study at Kumamoto University, Japan. He has been a CFA Charterholder since 2001.