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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Angela Zhang

Associate Professor, Director of Center for Chinese Law, University of Hong Kong

Alexis Ohanian

Angela Zhang is Associate Professor and Director of Center for Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong. She is a well-respected scholar who specializes in Chinese antitrust and competition law enforcement.

Ms. Zhang is frequently interviewed or quoted by media such as South China Morning Post, Nikkei Asia, The Economist, BBC, Financial Times and Bloomberg, etc. She is a four-time recipient of the Concurrences’ Antitrust Writing Award, which selects the best articles published globally in the field of antitrust law each year. Her latest publication, Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism: How the Rise of China Challenges Global Regulation, was published by Oxford University Press in March 2021. The book illustrates the way China regulates and is regulated, and how this is reshaping global antitrust regulation.

Ms. Zhang received her Bachelor of Laws degree from Peking University, and her Master of Laws, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Science of Law degrees from the University of Chicago Law School.