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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Ami Ben-David

Founder and CEO, Ownera

Ami Ben-David

Ami Ben-David is Founder and CEO of Ownera, the institutional-grade digital securities network. He is one of the pioneers of the digital securities market. At Ownera, Mr Ben-David leads the design, development and deployment of the FinP2P interconnectivity network, which connects financial institutions such as banks, asset managers and exchanges to trade digital securities across any asset and underlying technology.

Prior to Ownera, Mr Ben-David was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SPiCE VC, a digital securities ecosystem leader, where he co-founded Securitize and invested in multiple companies in the security token and blockchain space. Mr Ben-David entered the blockchain world after co-founding, leading and investing in technology start-ups mostly in the mobile and games industries.