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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Alan Lau

Chief Business Officer, Animoca Brands

Alan Lau

Alan Lau is Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands, a $6bn blockchain company with investments including The Sandbox and Yuga Labs, owner of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Animoca is building multiple open metaverses to mass-onboard Web2 users to Web3. In his role, Mr. Lau is in charge of running the 300 majority and minority invested companies, plus leading M&A and partnerships with the world’s largest brands.

Before Animoca, Mr. Lau is Executive Chairman of WeSure, one of China’s leading FinTech insurance businesses. Backed by Tencent, Fubon Insurance and Boyu Capital, WeSure works with insurance and technology companies to develop affordable protection products for Internet users. Mr. Lau founded WeSure in 2016, and built the startup to a 500-strong team over 4 years. WeSure was named #1 InsurTech company in multiple industry rankings, including China’s Hurun and UK’s InsurancePost. To-date, WeSure served over 100m users.

Before WeSure, Mr. Lau was a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co, and was part of the team that created the firm’s Asia Corporate Finance Division in the late 1990s. He was later promoted as Asia Pacific Head for McKinsey Digital, leading digital transformations and projects in AI, Big Data, Digital Marketing, and User Experience Design.

Outside of his technology work, Mr Lau contributes actively to arts development. He is Chairman of ParaSite, the longest standing non-profit art space in Hong Kong. Mr. Lau also Co-Chairs the Asia Pacific Acquisition Committee of Tate and the Asia Art Circle of Guggenheim, to help the two institutions build a global art collection. He is the Vice-Chair of M+, a new visual arts and culture museums in Hong Kong; and sits on LCSD’s Museum Advisory Committee.

Mr Alan Lau graduated from Oxford University with a MSc in Engineering in 1997. He has 10 years of work experience in Finance, and 15 years in Internet & TMT.