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Asian Investment Conference 2023


Exclusive access to influential and actionable advice

Over the years, presidents, prime ministers, finance ministers, central bankers, economists, Nobel laureates, social scientists, authors, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, athletes and even robots, rock bands and artists from across the globe have stepped on to the conference stage. Discover this year's line up.

List of confirmed speakers as of March 8, 2023. 

Keynote speakers

Michael Wong Wai-lun

Deputy Financial Secretary of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Nicolas Aguzin


Barry Eichengreen

International Economist, University of California, Berkeley

Dr Andrew Forrest, AO

Chairman and Founder, Fortescue Metals Group, Fortescue Future Industries, Minderoo Foundation, and Tattarang

Bear Grylls

Adventurer, Writer and Television Presenter

Mariana Mazzucato

Professor, Economics of Innovation and Public Value, University College London; Author, “Mission Economy”

Industry experts

Shang Chuang

CFO, Klook

Nir Eyal

Author; former Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Gang Fan

President, China Development Institute

Steven Feng


James Go

Chairman, JG Summit Group

Peter Hafez

Chief Data Scientist, RavenPack

Benjamin Hall

Journalist, State Department Correspondent, Fox News

Sami Jauhiainen

Vice President Asia Pacific, Renewable Aviation, Neste

Rob Kaplan

Founder and CEO, Circulate Capital

Bilahari Kausikan

Chairman, Middle East Institute, National University of

Laurent Kimman

Principal, Finance and Transparency, No Plastic Waste, Minderoo Foundation

Stephen Kotkin

Kleinheinz Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; John P. Birkelund '52 Professor, History and International Affairs, Emeritus, Princeton University

Avishek Kumar

CEO, VFlowTech

Pearl Lam

Founder, Pearl Lam Galleries

Alan Lau

Chief Business Officer, Animoca Brands

Hong Minh Le

Founder and CEO, VNG

David Li

CEO, Hesai

Chris Miller

Associate Professor of International History, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Pranav Mistry

Founder and CEO, TWO; former CEO, Samsung Advanced Research

C. Raja Mohan

Senior Fellow, Asia Society Policy Institute

Stuart Nicholls

CEO, Strike Energy Limited

Zac Purton

Hong Kong Jockey Champion

Magnus Renfrew

Co-​Chairman and Global Director, The Art Assembly

Clement Schwebig

President, India, Southeast Asia and Korea, Warner Bros. Discovery

Shervin Sharghy

Founder and CEO, EcoBricks

Hiromichi Shirakawa

Former Chief Japan Economist, Credit Suisse; former Economist, Bank of Japan

Ben Simpfendorfer

Partner and Asia Pacific Lead of Oliver Wyman Forum, Oliver Wyman

Philip Siu

CEO, EcoCeres

Dongxu Sun

CEO, East Buy Holding Limited

Ron Tan

Executive Chairman and CEO, Neon Group

Deniz Tekerek

Co-​Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Archireef

Graham Tiver

CFO, Woodside Energy Group Limited

Michael Vatikiotis

Senior Adviser, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Tony Verb

Co-Founder, Carbonless Asia

Charlotte Wang

Founder and CEO, EQuota Energy

Anthony Watanabe

Chief Sustainability Officer, Indorama Ventures PCL

Rebecca Wei

Co-Founder and Chairman, LGDR & Wei

Jonathan Yeo


Sir Francis Yeoh

Executive Chairman, YTL Group

Qiang Yin

CFO, East Buy Holding Limited

Eason Zhang


Dylan Zhou

Head of Strategic Investment and Financing, Xingyun

Credit Suisse experts

Edwin Low

CEO Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Randy Abrams

Head of Semiconductor Securities Research, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Emma Crystal

Chief Sustainability Officer, Credit Suisse

Dan Fineman

Co-Head of Asia Pacific Strategy, Credit Suisse

Charles Firth

Head of Solution Sales South East Asia, Credit Suisse

Andrew Garthwaite

Head of Securities Research EU Global Strategy, Credit Suisse 

Phineas Glover

Head of ESG Securities Research, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Shivam Gupta

Head of Quantitative Investment Strategies – Delta One, Credit Suisse

Neil Hosie

Head of Global Equities, Credit Suisse

Janice Hu

CEO China, Credit Suisse

Edmond Huang

Head of Securities Research, China, and Head of China Equity Strategy, Credit Suisse

Andrew Jackson

Head of Fixed Income, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Richard Kersley

Head of Global Product Management and Executive Member of Credit Suisse Research Institute, Credit Suisse

Volker Köster

Head of Global Investment Management, Asia Pacific, Investment Solutions & Sustainability, Credit Suisse

Neelkanth Mishra

Co-Head of Asia Pacific Strategy and Head of Securities Research, India, Credit Suisse

Angus Muirhead

Head of Equities, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Erica Poon Werkun

Head of Securities Research, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Zhe Song

Client Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Will Stephens

Head of Quantitative and Systematic Strategy (QSS), Credit Suisse

Jerry Su

Technology Securities Research Analyst, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Dong Tao

Vice Chairman Greater China, Wealth Management, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

David Wang

Head of Asia (ex. Japan) Economics and Chief China Economist, Credit Suisse

Kyna Wong

Head of Technology and Telecoms Securities Research, China, Credit Suisse