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Asian Investment Conference 2023


Advanced Execution Services (AES®) is Credit Suisse's suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, and analytics for global trading across equities, options, futures and foreign exchange. With AES®, traders can improve performance versus benchmarks and work orders in multiple liquidity pools as part of a consistent trading process. The AES® team is dedicated to a philosophy of constant improvement and innovation. AES® continues to evolve as new trends emerge in the marketplace, and as our research teams develop more effective trading techniques. This is why AES® has been consistently recognized as the leader in algorithmic trading.

On the Radar: Changes to Korea tick sizes

On the Radar: Changes to Korea tick sizes

KRX’s recent tick size changes reduce spreads and trading costs but positive effects do not apply equally to all stocks. This also has an effect on liquidity and considerations of how to trade.

On the Radar: APAC trading over Chinese New Year

On the Radar: APAC trading over Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year holidays affect many APAC markets, with between two and eight days of closure. We review which markets are most affected and to what extent, so international investors can plan their trading.

APAC Market Structure Chartbook

APAC Market Structure Chartbook

This month we kick off a series on tick size reform starting with the current state of play in HK, Korea and Japan. These charts show the turnover-weighted spread within each tick size bracket; numbers above illustrate the number of securities in each category. Data as of 21 Oct 2022.