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Asian Investment Conference 2022


Welcome to the AIC insights, a single destination with access to a comprehensive suite of Credit Suisse in-house reports and unique market insights covering AES®APAC Securities ResearchCredit Suisse Unicorns SeriesChina Quantitative Insight (CQi)Credit Suisse Research Institute and HOLT®.

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FIX Global Article 1Q22 – What Next For Trading China?

How far and how fast China’s equity trading market has evolved in recent years, and what may come next.

FIX Global Article 1Q22 – What Next For Trading China?

Additional AES® insights

AES® Market Structure

AES® Algo Strategies

AES® FIX Global Articles 

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APAC Securities Research

Global TMT Sector: Metaverse—A guide to the next gen internet

All you need to know of the dawning of metaverse era and its transformational implications for the global TMT sectors.

Global TMT Sector: Metaverse—A guide to the next gen internet

Additional APAC Securities Research reports

Global Connections Series



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Credit Suisse Unicorns Series

India Market Strategy - India Unicorns: After a sprint, a pause for breath

The past year has been a landmark one for Indian start-ups, as a record US$65bn in funding boosted valuations of existing unicorns, and created a third of unicorns ever formed. However, it may also have pulled in unicorns from future years.

Additional Credit Suisse Unicorns Series reports

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China Quantitative Insight (CQi) 

China’s Carbon Challenge – Industrial transformation and the road to carbon neutral

Find out how China, world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, can reach peak carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

Additional China Quantitative Insight (CQi) reports

CQi Consumer Monthly Watch: Gloomier outlook amid heightened uncertainty

CQi Consumer Monthly Watch: Recent easing not enough to shift sentiment

Anchor: csri

Credit Suisse Research Institute

The young consumer and a path to sustainability

The report looks at responses of 10,000 people across ten countries aged between 16 and 40 years. It examines the need to address climate change from the ultimate driver of all emissions: the consumer, assessing how environmentally aware young consumers are, and if they are willing to lead a more sustainable lifestyle as a result. 


Additional CSRI reports

Anchor: holt


A Bad Stretch for Good Companies Offers a Chance to Selectively Upgrade Quality

When measured over long periods of time, high Quality stocks have offered relatively reliable excess returns, a by-product of the groups asymmetric upside/downside capture.


Additional HOLT® reports