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Asian Investment Conference 2023


Welcome to the AIC insights, a single destination with access to a comprehensive suite of Credit Suisse in-house reports and unique market insights covering AES®APAC Securities Research,  China Quantitative Insight (CQi)Credit Suisse Research Institute and HOLT®.

Advanced Execution Services (AES®)


Advanced Execution Services (AES®) is Credit Suisse's suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, and analytics for global trading across equities, options, futures and foreign exchange. With AES®, traders can improve performance versus benchmarks and work orders in multiple liquidity pools as part of a consistent trading process. The AES® team is dedicated to a philosophy of constant improvement and innovation. AES® continues to evolve as new trends emerge in the marketplace, and as our research teams develop more effective trading techniques. This is why AES® has been consistently recognized as the leader in algorithmic trading.

APAC Securities Research

APAC Securities Research

Original research on over 1,300 companies, with a total market capitalization of USD 17.16 trillion, including 1,217 stocks in APAC. It provides thought-provoking thematic analysis, differentiated trading ideas and coordinated global views.

China Quantitative Insight (CQi)

China Quantitative Insight

Grassroots data driven intelligence content, leveraging our extensive data library and new alternative data sources to bring our clients a unique level of insight across several industry sector and macro trends.

Credit Suisse Research Institute

Credit Suisse Research Institute

The Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) is our in-​house think tank. We study long-​term economic developments that have a global impact. In the financial services industry and beyond.



HOLT® is Credit Suisse’s leading equity analysis and valuation tool that provides investors with unique insights into a company's performance, valuation, future expectations, and risk considerations using a database of over 20,000 companies across 70 countries.