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Asian Investment Conference 2023

About the conference

The Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference (AIC) is widely regarded as the most exclusive leadership gathering in the Asia-Pacific region. Attended by prominent political, economic, financial and academic figures, the conference attracts institutional and hedge fund investors as well as ultra high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders who seek access to influential ideas and actionable advice.

Presidents, prime ministers, finance ministers, central bankers, economists, Nobel laureates, social scientists, authors, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, athletes and even robots, rock bands and artists from across the globe have stepped on to the AIC stage. Each brings a wealth of experience to shed light on the most relevant issues of the day.

Exclusive access to influential and actionable advice

Throughout the conference, thought-provoking insights will be brought to the fore by influential keynote speakers and interactive panel discussions. A range of trends that are changing the nature of business will be explored, to enable investors to gain insights into what’s driving markets now, and in the period ahead.

Fact and figures


corporations represented


market capitalization represented (USD)


institutional investors, entrepreneurs, hedge funds, family offices and ultra and high-net-worth investors

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