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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Tim Campbell

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Longlead Capital Partners

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Longlead Capital Partners. Prior to founding Longlead Capital Partners, Mr. Campbell was Head of the Asian investment team at the multi-award-winning hedge fund, Regal Funds Management, which managed over US$1 billion.

Prior to Regal Funds Management, Mr. Campbell was Global Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Capital, which managed over US$3 billion at its peak. Mr. Campbell’s expertise includes mergers and acquisitions and institutional trading through roles including Director of Corporate Finance for Tiedemann in London and E*Trade in New York.

Mr. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree from the University of Melbourne, a postgraduate qualification in Finance and Investment, and is a qualified chartered accountant.