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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Pamela Mar

Executive Vice President, Knowledge and Applications, Fung Academy

Pamela Mar

Pamela Mar is Executive Vice President of Fung Academy. She leads the Fung Academy's knowledge generation, application, and dissemination in support of the Fung Group's business success and readiness for the future. In this role, she directs the Academy's research & development activities and experiments, which form the base of the Group's strategic response to key disruptions in its business operating environment, including technological change, the rise of sustainability, trade/geopolitical uncertainty and the changing nature of consumption.

She was previously Fung Group's Director of Sustainability and was instrumental in growing sustainability beyond compliance and into a competitive advantage for the Group. Largely as a result, she was named one of 10 leaders on the Eco-business Sustainability A-List at the end of 2019.

Prior to joining the Fung Group, Ms. Mar was based in Shenzhen as Director in the Global Finance Center of TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings, a major Chinese television and consumer electronics manufacturer.

Previously, she was the World Economic Forum's Associate Director for Greater China, where she built the Forum's key relations with government and businesses to support the country's internationalization. Ms. Mar got her first taste of frontline development work in Thailand, in business-backed poverty relief for the Thai non-governmental organization, Population and Community Development Association.

Ms. Mar has published widely, including four books on Asian development and business and a range of articles, blogs, and reviews. She is a fellow of the Asia Global Institute. She has also given numerous talks on sustainability, corporate responsibility and Asia's growth and development.

Ms. Mar graduated from Yale University summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Chinese Studies. She holds an Master of Science Management degree from the London School of Economics.