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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Lito Villanueva

Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation
& Inclusion Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Lito Villanueva

Lito Villanueva is Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer for Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). Mr. Villanueva is also concurrently Chief Digital Transformation Advisor for the Yuchengco Group of Companies.

Under Mr. Villanueva’s leadership, RCBC received five global digital awards during the pandemic and was recognized as the Philippines’ Best Digital Bank. Mr. Villanueva also created and launched DiskarTech – the country’s first and only Taglish inclusion super app with over 3 million app downloads in three months from launch. Mr. Villanueva was formerly with The Economist Intelligence Unit, Visa, Smart Communications, International Finance Corporation, and Voyager Innovations covering PayMaya, and FINTQnologies as its Managing Director.

Mr. Villanueva is the Philippines’ leading and award-winning thought leader on digital transformation and inclusive digital finance. He has over 20 years of experience in banking, telecommunications, payments, development finance, and financial technology. He is merited with over 50 global and regional awards, including being one of the Top 100 FinTech Leaders in Asia. For his efforts in scaling digital innovations and financial inclusion, he is the first and only Filipino, thus far, to be included in the list. BizNews Asia magazine also named him “Mr. FinTech of the Philippines”.

He is also Founding Chairman of FinTech and has released various publications including the award-winning three-volume Inclusive Digital Finance Report and the Uncharted Beyond: The Taxonomy of FinTech in the Philippines.