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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Koji Yanagisawa

Director, Executive Vice President and CFO, ZOZO, Incorporated

Koji Yanagisawa

Koji Yanagisawa is Director, Executive Vice President and CFO of ZOZO, Incorporated. He has been serving as Head of the Administrative Division since June 2008, after joining ZOZO in February 2006 as a statutory auditor.

As CFO of the listed company, he has strengthened ZOZO’s corporate structure and management by supervising various fields including accounting, finance, investor relations, legal, corporate governance, and strategic investments, including mergers and acquisitions, and other responsibilities with strong leadership.

Prior to ZOZO, Mr. Yanagisawa worked at The Fuji Bank, Limited. (currently Mizuho Bank, Limited.); NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Incorporated; and Mizuho Securities Company Limited; where he acquired extensive experiences in finance and consulting.

Mr. Yanagisawa holds a Bachelor’s degree from Keio University’s faculty of Economics.