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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Kevin Aluwi

Co-CEO, Gojek Group

Luke Sedler

Kevin Aluwi is Co-CEO of Gojek Group. He leads the company’s product and technology vision in efforts to enrich the lives of millions daily. He also oversees the company’s overall strategy for Gojek services – including product development, overall financial sustainability and operational improvements.

Since co-founding Gojek, Mr. Aluwi has held significant leadership roles across product and functional teams within the organization. He has used his background in business intelligence to pioneer the use of data for decision-making across the Gojek business. He has also assembled deep technology expertise across the data, engineering and product teams, with a focus on enhancing the platform’s overall user experience.

Prior to his role at Gojek, Mr. Aluwi spent two years at Zalora Indonesia as Head of Business Intelligence. Earlier in his career, he worked in business development at the Indonesian investment firm Merah Putih Incorporated and also served as Investment Banking Analyst at Salem Partners LLC.

Mr. Aluwi’s commitment to continuously innovate led him to be accredited by the 2016 “Forbes 30 under 30 Asia” list for consumer technology, standing amongst young innovators that are propelling change and disrupting industries. 

Mr. Aluwi obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship and International Relations from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.