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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Kendall Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, Torq Capital Management

Kendall Johnson

Kendall Johnson is Chief Operating Officer of Torq Capital Management. He is also a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He has been involved with the financial and operational activities of broker/dealers and asset managers since 2005. Most recently, as Chief Operating Officer of Keshik Capital – a hedge fund manager licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore – he was responsible for all non-investment related activities including finance, operations, legal and compliance, technology, and business development.

He was formerly Vice President in the Prime Brokerage department at Morgan Stanley, where he was responsible for origination, service, and relationship management of prime brokerage clients. Mr. Johnson supported numerous hedge fund strategies and asset classes for both the global multi-billion dollar firms as well as Asia-headquartered managers. Before Morgan Stanley, Mr. Johnson held the role of Examiner in the Member Firm Regulation Division of the self-regulatory organization New York Stock Exchange Group, a predecessor firm to FINRA.

Mr. Johnson graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Auburn University in 2005 and was awarded a Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2012.