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Asian Investment Conference 2021

John Woods

Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

John Woods

Mr. John Woods is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse in the Private Banking Asia Pacific Division, based in Hong Kong. As the Chief Investment Officer, he is responsible for developing regional discretionary and advisory investment strategies across asset classes and within asset classes for private and institutional clients in Asia Pacific. Mr. Woods serves as a voting member of the Global Investment Committee based in Zurich, and chairs the Regional Investment Committee, APAC.

Before joining Credit Suisse in September 2015, Mr. Woods was Head of Fixed Income at Citi Investment Management and Citi Private Bank's Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist Asia Pacific. Prior to that, he worked at HSBC for 11 years and held senior positions in the Investment Bank including Global Head of Credit Research and Strategy, and Head of Absolute Return Proprietary Trading.

Mr. Woods brings to Credit Suisse 25 years of professional experience in Asia Pacific's equity, fixed income, and currency markets, with special focus on asset allocation and asset management.