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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Jae Lee

CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Timefolio Asset Management Singapore

Jae Lee

Jae Lee is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Timefolio Asset Management Singapore. Mr. Lee leads portfolio management, investment selection and research.

Mr. Lee has been working in the finance industry for more than 15 years, gaining dedicated experience in equity portfolio management, cash and synthetic equities, equity syndicate trading and foreign exchange trading. Before setting up the Singapore subsidiary, Mr. Lee was Head of Global Equities at Timefolio Asset Management Korea, responsible for growing the foreign equity long/short business as well as managing an Asia technology, media and telecom portfolio.

Prior to that, Mr. Lee spent seven years as Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association in London, building the Asian cash equity franchise for Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He was previously Vice-President at Samsung Securities Europe Limited in London, trading North Asia cash and synthetic equities. Mr. Lee started his career as a G10 foreign exchange trader and synthetic equity trader at Lehman Brothers in London.

Mr. Lee graduated from London Business School with a Master’s degree in Finance. He attained his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Management from Imperial College London.