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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Christine Loh

Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment, HKUST; former Undersecretary for the Environment of Hong Kong

Christine Loh

Christine Loh is Chief Development Strategist at the Institute for the Environment at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and Former Undersecretary for the Environment of Hong Kong. Prof. Loh served as Undersecretary for the Environment in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Government from 2012-2017. As Undersecretary for the Environment, she created new dialogue platforms between the government and business sectors to strengthen Hong Kong’s capacity to meet climate change and environmental challenges.

She currently serves as Director and trustee of CDP Worldwide, a London-based organization that runs a global disclosure system for companies, cities, states, and regions to manage environmental impacts. Prof. Loh is also Director of the Global Maritime Forum that engages the maritime sector, as well as the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation. She is a member of BASF’s Stakeholder Advisory Council, and HSBC’s Climate Advisory Panel.

From 2000-2012, Prof. Loh was CEO of the independent, non-profit policy think tank, Civic Exchange. Prior to that, she had a highly successful career in legislative politics from 1992-2000. Before her career in politics, she spent 14 years in the commercial sector. She was engaged in commodities trading and strategic planning for Philipp Brothers – which became Phibro Energy – a division of Salomon Incorporated. Prof. Loh is a lawyer by training.

Prof. Loh has been involved in non-profit activities ranging from the arts to the environment, to urban development to equal opportunity and constitutional reform. She has established various non-governmental organizations, as well as served on the boards of and chaired many such organizations. She is well known for her work in designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue processes to help deepen and broaden understanding on public issues.