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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Bob Patterson

CEO, Banyan Education

Bob Patterson

Bob Patterson is CEO of Banyan Education.

Mr. Patterson was formerly Chair of highly selective admission committees including Stanford University, the University of Pittsburgh, UNC Chapel Hill, and University of California Berkeley. He is well versed in the entire application process for both domestic and international students and has made admissions decisions on over 100,000 applications as the Director of Admissions at Stanford.

Mr. Patterson also served as an elected delegate on the National Association of College Admission Counselling, and has been interviewed, featured, and quoted in popular media such as The Wall Street Journal, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Bloomberg, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle and Family Circle Magazine. He has also played a key role in shaping the US admissions landscape, introducing international initiatives, outreach programs, and multicultural programming to many institutions, bringing his dedication and passion for education to everything he pursues. In addition, Mr. Patterson served as the Vice President of Student Success at Chegg where he worked across all business lines and assisted Chegg in becoming one of the largest education technology companies in the US on the NYSE.