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Asian Investment Conference 2021

Ahmad Zulqarnain Onn

President and Group Chief Executive, Permodalan Nasional Berhad

Ahmad Zulqarnain Onn

Ahmad Zulqarnain Onn is President and Group Chief Executive of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). He was appointed on 1 July 2020. PNB is Malaysia's largest asset manager with assets under management exceeding MYR320 billion. PNB's portfolio covers strategic investments in Malaysia's leading corporates, global equities, private investments and real estate.

PNB is also the parent company of Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB), Malaysia's largest unit trust management company. ASNB currently manages 15 unit trust funds for 12.2 million unitholders, representing approximately 40% of all Malaysians.

Prior to joining PNB, Mr. Zulqarnain was Deputy Managing Director at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Malaysia's sovereign wealth fund. Mr. Zulqarnain was also Managing Director and CEO of Danajamin Nasional Berhad, Malaysia's first and only financial guarantee insurer, between 2009 and 2014.

He graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics.