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Asian Investment Conference 2021

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Plenary session

Conversation | Is sustainability the key to economic progress?

10:00 HKT | 02:00 GMT | 22:00-1 Day EDT

To create a more sustainable society will require close collaboration from the public and private sectors addressing the broader issues of progress; not just about how we manage climate change, the energy transition, recycling and waste management, but also how we concurrently create employment, economic growth and global trade opportunities. Too often in this debate, these issues have been presented as mutually exclusive pathways from one side or another of an ideological divide, but if we are to be successful in this approach, the views and priorities of policymakers, businesses and investors will need to align around common themes and goals. Michael Cannon-Brookes, entrepreneur and investor, will explore how this can work to everyone’s benefit. 


Mike Cannon

Principal, Grok Ventures; Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian

Erica poon Werkun

Host: Erica Poon Werkun

Head of Securities Research, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

Panel | How is "edutainment" redefining online education?

11:00 HKT | 04:00 CET | 03:00 GMT

Technology-driven product innovation is powering a continuous upgrade of the online education experience. “Edutainment” products that combine the interactive features of entertainment and education content attract millions of students. How does “edutainment” redefine the experience of teaching and learning? Which companies are benefiting from the trend? What is the potential of these products to meet the growing demand from students? Senior executives from China’s online education companies share their thoughts on these key questions and more."


Lihong Wang

CEO, Rise Education


Alex Xie

Moderator: Alex Xie

China Internet, Media and Education Analyst, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Peng Su

Vice President, Strategies and Capital Markets, Youdao

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Stream 2

Conversation | Making the grade – how has Covid-19 shaped the future of the US university admissions process?

11:00 HKT | 04:00 CET | 03:00 GMT

The global pandemic has compelled colleges and universities to re-evaluate an application process that hadn’t changed much in over 50 years. Despite the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, the US admissions system has responded in exciting ways: improving virtual visits, connecting more personally with students, and demonstrating greater flexibility around application requirements. Join us as we explore the reinvented application process and discuss how students can best navigate through the rapidly changing landscape of US admissions, with a former Director of Admission at Stanford University.


Bob Patterson

CEO, Banyan Education

Simon Chow

Host: Simon Chow

 Head of Prime Sales, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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Plenary session

Keynote Conversation | What geopolitical dynamics will shape the coming decade? 

12:00 HKT | 04:00 GMT | 00:00 EDT

Join us on a global tour of the key geopolitical dynamics that will shape the coming decade, ranging from how US-China relations will play out and what’s next for the new American era, to the trend of rising wealth inequality. Our Keynote speaker is Sir John Major, a Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse and an incisive observer of global developments, who led the United Kingdom for most of the 1990s and has served at the highest levels of international affairs. Sir John also shares his candid insights on the strategic implications of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, which has been hailed as the start of a more balanced EU-China economic trade relationship.


Sir John Major

Former Prime Minister, United Kingdom; Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse

nannette hechler-fayd'herbe

Host: Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe

Chief Investment Officer International Wealth Management, and Global Head of Economics & Research, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

Conversation | What role does the tech sector play in leading and driving change that's good for business and the world?

14:00 HKT | 07:00 CET | 06:00 GMT

As the fight against climate change heats up, technology companies are often at the forefront of driving eco-innovation by taking measurable steps to improve sustainability. A leading example is Razer, one of the most recognizable brands in global gaming, which is ramping up its efforts to do more for the environment with initiatives from adopting sustainable product designs and manufacturing, to developing green practices within their offices, and even mobilizing their global community in these efforts. Hear from Razer’s Co-Founder and CEO, who speaks passionately about his company’s pledge to go green and the responsibility on industry peers to use their clout and tech prowess to bring about real change.


Min-Liang Tan

Co-Founder and CEO, Razer

Benjamin Cavalli

Host: Benjamin Cavalli

CEO Singapore, Head of Private Banking South Asia and Sustainability Leader, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Anchor: d51400stream2

Stream 2

Panel | In transit – where next for the travel industry?

14:00 HKT | 07:00 CET | 06:00 GMT

Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions are curtailing international travel. But as vaccination programs roll out and immigration rules relax, passenger volumes are certain to pick up. How fast can travel recover and what region or country will lead that recovery? How will business and leisure travel behavior change post-pandemic? Hear our panel of Asia travel and tourism experts share their outlook for the industry.


Shang Chuang

CFO, Klook


Neel Laungani

Moderator: Neel Laungani

Vice Chairman, APAC Technology, Media and Telecom, and Head of APAC Financial Sponsors, Investment Banking & Capital Markets, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Vivian Cheung

Executive Director, Airport Operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Anchor: d51500stream1

Stream 1

Panel | Financial services digitalization in Asia – how will the landscape change?

15:00 HKT | 08:00 CET | 07:00 GMT

It’s no secret that digitalization has accelerated change in financial services, but Asia offers unique opportunities and challenges for the whole sector. Will digital payments in the region replicate the success seen in China? Do virtual banks have an edge over traditional competitors? And which businesses and revenue models will be the ultimate winners? Our panel of leading experts from Asia’s fintech industry tackle these questions and more.


Amrish Rau

CEO, Pine Labs


Rockson Hsu

CEO, ZA Bank


Ashish Gupta

Moderator: Ashish Gupta

Head of Asia Financials Securities Research and Head of India Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Madhur Deora

President and Group CFO, Paytm


Kai Wu

Greater China CEO, Airwallex

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