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Asian Investment Conference 2021

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Plenary session

Keynote Economics Panel | What are the prospects for global economic recovery post-Covid-19?

09:00 HKT | 01:00 GMT | 21:00-1 Day EDT

Will countries be able to manage the unwinding of fiscal and monetary policy as the global economy limps to normalcy post pandemic, and where could it all go wrong? Will we have inflation or deflation? Will a lack of global coordination represent the next big challenge? Could the sharp rise in foreign currency reserves in Asia signal a new set of currency rivalries? A leading economist and former member of the US Council of Economic Advisers, and the Head of Credit Suisse’s China Quantitative Insight team, share their perspectives on the road ahead for the global economy.


Betsey Stevenson

Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Michigan


James Sweeney

Moderator: James Sweeney

Chief Economist for Credit Suisse, and Regional CIO Americas, International Wealth Management

David Murphy

Head of China Quantitative Insight (CQi), Credit Suisse

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Plenary session

Keynote Conversation | What does it take to succeed in disruptive times?

10:00 HKT | 02:00 GMT | 22:00-1 Day EDT

Covid-19 has impacted our lives and livelihoods in unprecedented ways. What distinguishes leaders and organizations who are thriving in these disruptive times? Hear the perspectives of a renowned leadership expert and author on the kind of leaders who make an impact on the world, the companies and politicians who inspire, and why leadership is less about being in charge and more about caring for those in your charge.  


Simon Sinek

Renowned leadership expert, author and optimist

Malvika Singh

Host: Malvika Singh

Founding partner, IMPACT; change enabler, coach and leadership expert

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Stream 1

Panel | What role can finance and policymakers play in preserving and enhancing natural capital and biodiversity?

11:00 HKT | 03:00 GMT | 23:00-1 Day EDT

The destruction of nature is a planetary emergency. Humanity has already wiped out 83% of wild mammals and half of all plants, severely altered three-quarters of ice-free land and two-thirds of the world’s marine environments. Covid-19 has dramatically exposed how nature-related risks can impact the economy faster than climate risks. An expert on creating a deforestation-free economy and a green finance-focused central banker discuss best practices in funding nature-based solutions and halting the loss of biodiversity, and creating resilience in the global economy by redirecting flows of finance to allow nature and people to flourish. 


Andrew Mitchell

Founder, Global Canopy; CEO, Equilibrium Futures


Marisa Drew

Moderator: Marisa Drew 

Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of the Sustainability Strategy, Advisory & Finance Group, Credit Suisse

Jeanne Stampe

Green Finance Resource Lead, Monetary Authority of Singapore

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Stream 3

Credit Suisse Insight | What are the top ten investment themes that investors should pay attention to?

11:00 HKT | 03:00 GMT | 23:00-1 Day EDT

For Asia's equity markets, it's been an extraordinary start to the year and we’re still in the first quarter. Naturally, in an environment with a sharply improved growth outlook, investors are asking how 2021 might play out, and where opportunities lie. Ultra-loose monetary policies, rising bond yields, increasing price pressures and continued commitments to generous fiscal stimulus programs by governments suggest that the global macro environment will remain conducive to risk-taking through the rest of 2021. Economic normalization will be supported by mass vaccinations, which is likely to further buttress investor sentiment and ensure markets – particularly equity markets – deliver satisfactory, positive year returns. Keeping this economic backdrop in mind, our Chief Investment Officer will identify 10 Asia-focused investment ideas spanning asset classes to look at cash management; equity-related strategies by country and sector; local currency and USD-denominated fixed income opportunities; and, timely currency and portfolio hedging recommendations.


John Woods

Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

Keynote Conversation | Will Malaysia succeed in its ambition to save lives and livelihoods as it strives to revitalize its economy?

14:00 HKT | 06:00 GMT | 02:00 EDT

How is the Malaysian government implementing its parallel strategies of saving the lives of its people and preserving livelihoods? Malaysia’s Minister of Finance will share his insights into the government’s plans for a sustained, equitable and rapid economic recovery and how it is implementing policies to enable the country to return to a pre-pandemic standard of living and economic growth as soon as possible.


Tengku Zafrul Aziz

Minister of Finance of Malaysia

Stephen Hagger

Host: Stephen Hagger

Head of Equities and Country Head, Malaysia, Credit Suisse

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Stream 2

Panel | Where to next in China’s digitalization and cloud evolution journey?

14:00 HKT | 06:00 GMT | 02:00 EDT

The penetration of cloud services in China is five years behind the US but behavioral changes such as a growing preference for remote working and online education, which will persist beyond the pandemic, are expected to accelerate the digitalization process and businesses’ acceptance of cloud solutions. This natural transformation is being given a further boost by China’s policies, outlined in its 14th five-year plan, to prioritize the development of cloud computing and “domestically developed and controlled” solutions and related infrastructure. Our panelists address what the next stage in China’s digitalization journey will look like, and the role of major players in shaping the industry’s current landscape as well as its future.


yinan gu

Founder and CEO, Yunchang Tech


Kaya Wong

Head of China Technology Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Haijian (Henry) He

CFO, Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited


Randy Abrams

Moderator: Randy Abrams

Head of Taiwan Securities Research and Asia Semiconductors Analyst, Credit Suisse

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Stream 3

Credit Suisse Insight | From too little cash to too much?

14:00 HKT | 06:00 GMT | 02:00 EDT

The fourth round of quantitative easing from the US Federal Reserve and the ongoing injection of central bank reserves are bloating bank balance sheets. Credit Suisse's Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy explores what this means for banks, funding markets and capital flows.


Zoltan Pozsar

Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

Panel | What is the digital roadmap to financial inclusion and open banking in the Philippines?

15:00 HKT | 07:00 GMT | 03:00 EDT

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new consumer trends such as the acceleration of digital adoption in the banking industry in the Philippines. In response, the country’s central bank has been proactive in creating a holistic regulatory framework for digital banking to flourish. In this changed environment, our experts discuss the impact of the digital shift on firms that are active in the industry, and how it will advance the government’s efforts to improve financial inclusion in the country.


Lyn Javier

Managing Director, Policy and Specialized Supervision Sub-Sector, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Isabelle Yap

Senior Assistant Vice President, Special Projects Officer and Executive Director, East West Bank

Lito Villanueva

Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking


Danielo Picache

Moderator: Danielo Picache

Securities Research, Philippines, Credit Suisse 

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Stream 2

Panel | What role will smart cities play in a sustainable future?

15:00 HKT | 07:00 GMT | 03:00 EDT

In just over a century, the planet has undergone an urbanization revolution with over 50% of the population now living in cities, up from only 13% in 1900. Unsurprisingly, cities now contribute 70% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and are increasingly unaffordable for many citizens. Our primary environmental and social challenge therefore is to create smart cities that can harness digital intelligence to existing systems and make it possible to do much more with much less. Connected applications can provide real-time information to help us make better, more transparent choices; greener, cost-effective building materials alongside better urban planning can create attractive, more affordable and healthier living environments. These innovations also save time, enhance social connectivity, prevent crime, reduce waste, lower the disease burden, and save lives. Our panel of experts discuss how to transform cities so they become smart, more efficient and productive places for us to live and work in, and build a sustainable future.


Tan chee hau

Chief Smart City Officer, Singapore; Director, Planning & Prioritisation, Smart Nation and Digital Government Office


Phineas glover

Moderator: Phineas Glover

Head of ESG, Asia Pacific, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Daniele Russolillo

COO and Deputy CEO, Planet Smart City

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Stream 3

Credit Suisse Insight | How best to play the China hydrogen theme?

15:00 HKT | 07:00 GMT | 03:00 EDT

Hydrogen is set to become one of the most important and fast-growing low-carbon energy sources in the next 30 years, accounting for 18% of primary energy consumption by 2050. In China, the world’s number one energy consumer, hydrogen will play an important role in helping the country meet its net-zero emissions target. How big can the hydrogen market be in China? What are the major policy developments? Who are the key players in China’s hydrogen market across the value chain? Credit Suisse’s Head of APAC Energy Securities Research shares his insights on the investment outlook for the sector.


Horace Tse

Head of Asia Pacific Energy Securities Research, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

Keynote Address | Indonesia's great transformation — what lies ahead? 

16:00 HKT | 08:00 GMT | 04:00 EDT

Indonesia plans to create a stronger ecosystem for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), regionally-owned enterprises and private entities to compete on the global stage. The Ministry of SOEs has launched a series of reforms – including consolidation and restructuring – to create focused SOEs with robust governance. In addition, the recently launched Sovereign Wealth Fund will play a crucial role in attracting foreign investment and accelerating Indonesia’s infrastructure progress. In a Keynote Address, the Minister of SOEs shares his perspective on the important role of state-owned enterprises in Indonesia’s great transformation.


Erick Thohir

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Indonesia; Supervisory Board member, Indonesia Investment Authority  

Andri Ngaserin

Host: Andri Ngaserin

Head of Indonesia Securities Research, Credit Suisse

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Stream 2

Panel | How are next-gen clients disrupting the wealth management industry?

16:00 HKT | 08:00 GMT | 04:00 EDT

Disruption in the wealth management industry is just around the corner. It is estimated that US$40 trillion of wealth will transfer to the next generation over the coming decades – and this generation, the largest in history, will have different demands, desires and needs from their parents. Not only will this monumental change have a resounding impact on the companies and wealth the next generation is set to inherit but also on the way wealth managers will need to serve and keep this growing client base. Are wealth managers ready for this change? How does the wealth management industry need to adapt in order to be ready for the future? Our panel drawn from the worlds of business and investment will chart a way forward for the industry.


Hayley Mole

Senior Associate, Flat World Partners; President, Young Investors Organization


Jo Jo Kong

Partner, RHL Ventures


Benjamin Cavalli

CEO Singapore, Head of Private Banking South Asia and Sustainability Leader, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse


Heleen van Poecke

Director, AtlastInvest


Viola Steinhoff Werner

Moderator: Viola Steinhoff Werner

Head, Global Next Generation and Families Department, Credit Suisse; Founder and General Manager, Young Investors Organization


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Stream 3

Credit Suisse Insight | Blue skies ahead — are the trends driving China’s cloud migration?

16:00 HKT | 08:00 GMT | 04:00 EDT

China’s cloud computing industry is set for multi-year growth as rebounding IT budgets, increased digitalization demand from businesses and supportive government policy provide a boost. While China’s IaaS and SaaS market remains behind that of the US for now, that gap is set to close, especially as more domestic solutions come online. Join Credit Suisse’s China Securities Research team as they explores the key themes driving cloud migration and the companies best positioned to benefit. 


Kyna wong

Head of China Technology Securities Research, Credit Suisse


stephen yin

China Technology Analyst, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Kenneth Fong

Regional Head of Gaming and Lodging Securities Research and Head of China Internet Securities Research, Credit Suisse

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Stream 1

CSRI Emerging Consumer Survey 2021 — will the dramatic changes in consumption patterns last beyond the pandemic?

17:00 HKT | 09:00 GMT | 05:00 EDT

In its tenth edition, the Credit Suisse Research Institute's Emerging Consumer Survey presents findings from over 14,200 detailed face-to-face interviews with consumers across eight emerging economies, representing 3.7 billion people and USD 15.42 trillion of consumption. This bespoke survey comes against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the unique economic, financial and public health challenges it has brought. As Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out, the survey provides a unique and timely insight into consumers' mood and insights into the dramatic and likely long-lasting changes in consumption patterns. Join Credit Suisse's Securities Research team as they assess the major behavioural changes we have witnessed throughout the pandemic and consider what comes next.


eugene klerk

Head of Global ESG Research, Credit Suisse


arnab mitra

India Consumer Analyst, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Jesalyn Wong

China Consumer Analyst, Securities Research, Credit Suisse 

Kenneth Fong

Regional Head of Gaming and Lodging Securities Research and Head of China Internet Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Richard Kersley

Moderator: Richard Kersley

Head of Research Product, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Anchor: d41700stream2

Stream 2

Is net zero possible without a transformation in sustainability practices in Asia?

17:00 HKT | 09:00 GMT | 05:00 EDT

Representing more than half of global emissions and circa 80% of forecast incremental energy demand up to 2050, the Asia Pacific region will be pivotal to the next stage of sustainability. The energy transition also brings clear opportunities to the region, as the manufacturer of most of the world’s renewables and EV batteries. However, unmitigated climate change will also put a check on sustainable growth in Asia. While there has been a stark increase in multinational companies committing to net zero, many of these commitments inherently rely on a major decarbonisation shift upstream in product value chains. This means that increasingly Asia’s manufacturing base will hold the key to true value chain sustainability and transformation. Hear from a corporate leader, a disruptor and logistics expert on the role of Asia in the next phase of sustainability. 


Mercela Navarro

CEO and Co-Founder, Project X Global


Shereen Tong

Group CFO, VTech Holdings Limited

Pamela Mar

Executive Vice President, Knowledge and Applications, Fung Academy

Phineas glover

Moderator: Phineas Glover

Head of ESG, Asia Pacific, Securities Research, Credit Suisse

Anchor: d42100p

Plenary session

Keynote Conversation | What does the future hold for the US-China economic relationship?

21:00 HKT | 13:00 GMT | 09:00 EDT

The relationship between the world’s two largest economies saw a shift in 2018, with years of strategic cooperation impacted by new dynamics. The resulting effect including on trade flows and capital markets have created complex challenges for businesses and investors in search of clarity. A former principal advisor on international trade and investment under President Obama joins us to provide his expert opinion on where the US-China economic relationship goes from here. Uniquely qualified to provide an insider’s perspective on the White House policymaking process, Ambassador Froman discusses many of the relevant topics, such as trade, technology and investment implications, that are at the forefront of this important dialogue.


Mike Froman

Former US Trade Representative; Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth, Mastercard

Erica poon Werkun

Host: Erica Poon Werkun

 Head of Securities Research, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Anchor: d42200p

Plenary session

Conversation | What are the direct real-world applications of auction theory for financial markets?

22:00 HKT | 14:00 GMT | 10:00 EDT

Auction theory works as a mathematical predictor of human behavior and has wide and surprising practical applications in a real-world setting. It can benefit buyers and sellers globally of everything from fishing quotas to aircraft landing slots to emissions allowances – items that are difficult to sell in a traditional way. A ground-breaking Nobel-Prize-winning economic theorist from Stanford University reveals the surprising uses of this cutting-edge economics model, including in the financial markets, and explains how even if we don’t realize it, auctions affect our everyday lives.


Paul Milgrom

Co-winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences; Shirley and Leonard Ely Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University; Founder, Auctionomics

Patrick Kelly

Host: Patrick Kelly

Head of Equity Execution, Markets, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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