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AIC 2021

Asian Investment Conference 2021

Asia Pacific’s premier investment conference for influential ideas and actionable advice.

Disruption Accelerated

March 22 – 26, 2021 | Virtual conference

Focusing on the theme of 'Disruption Accelerated', the 2021 Asian Investment Conference will explore the disruptive forces that are changing our lives in a variety of ways at an exponential rate, how we can anticipate, understand and embrace them, and the investment opportunities they will create. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns will be discussed throughout the agenda.


Exclusive highlights and insights

Actionable advice from the key speakers at the Asian Investment Conference in exclusive highlights and conversation videos.

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Our podcast on how ESG is shaping investment behaviour

Emma Crystal, Head of Sustainable Client Solutions, International Wealth Management Division, sits down with Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer, to discuss the biggest disruption that ESG brings to investment behavior and how integrating sustainability into portfolios can generate alpha.

Exclusive reports & research

Access Credit Suisse in-house reports & research with unique market insights and fresh investment ideas.