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The economic impact of coronavirus

In this podcast Brian Blackstone chats to Credit Suisse chief economist James Sweeney about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy.

Global CIO House View March 2020

Only a few weeks ago, global equity markets were at fresh all-time highs. How rapidly things have changed. The global spread of the novel coronavirus and the impact of governments' dramatic containment measures have caused great concern, as global growth is hit. In the new Global CIO video, we look at the latest developments and our current views.

Low inflation gives scope for major stimulus to address coronavirus pandemic

Credit Suisse's chief European economist Neville Hill examines central banks' response to pandemic-triggered turmoil.

Eying stability and progress in periods of crisis: History confirms that long-term investment views point to brighter times.

Periods of financial shocks have come and gone in history. A century's worth of economic data shows that globally diversified long-term investment strategies consistently triumph above all others, even reaching new highs after the crises subside.

Millennial values and technology as a way of life

Millennials are digital natives and technology is seamlessly embedded in their everyday lives. Even the oldest in this cohort can barely remember a time without the internet. As a result, millennials are disrupting traditional business models and are re-defining consumption.

ESG investing: A trend that is constantly evolving

The Global Investment Returns Yearbook looks at figures dating back to the year 1900. The long-term analysis aims to put in perspective bull and bear markets, financial crises, and investment trends. But what can it tell us about recent trends, such as ESG investing? The authors investigate if ESG-driven investments have their own reward in terms of higher returns and lower risk.

Global CIO House View February 2020

Just when the recovery in industrial production was gaining pace, the novel coronavirus reined it back in. The outbreak poses a new challenge to the global economy as it has interrupted global supply chains and caused significant uncertainty. In the new Global CIO video, we look at the latest developments and our current views.

Making e-mobility sustainable

With climate change undeniable and new CO2 emissions restrictions, lower carbon transportation is necessary.

Impact investing and the next generation

Podcast: The next generation of powerful investors speaks about how they activate change by moving away from a material world into one of sustainable and profitable growth.

Wealth inequality. A call for accelerating economic progress.

Wealth inequality is a pressing and widely debated issue. The rapid growth in wealth in emerging countries since 2000 is resulting in a narrowing gap in global wealth. Communities in emerging countries are calling for even faster economic and social progress to catch up with the wealthier countries.
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