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Podcast on the outlook for key central bank meetings

After an active 2019 for global monetary policy, three key central banks are expected to wind down the year with policy on hold. But this doesn't mean that meetings of the Federal Reserve, Swiss National Bank and European Central Bank should be ignored, Credit Suisse's chief economist Oliver Adler said in a podcast. The Swiss confront the realities of negative interest rates over a long period, while the ECB policy meeting will be Christine Lagarde's first since becoming the bank's president last month. The Fed enjoys a more favorable economic backdrop with solid growth and low unemployment, but faces political pressures.

Switzerland's doing fine

The Swiss rate their national and personal economic situation positively.

The reform backlog

Voter priorities are clear and their impatience is mounting: They want answers and results.

The collapse of confidence

Confidence in Switzerland's institutions is dropping rapidly. In one notable exception, the police have captured the top spot.

"I sometimes miss the willingness to pull together."

Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter on the concerns of Swiss voters, the outlook for bilateral treaties and the political benefits of a slower pace.

"Everyone is called upon to preserve the militia system."

Andreas Müller from the Swiss Association of Municipalities discusses the Year of Militia Service and how to encourage social commitment.

"Don't delegate your own responsibilities."

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jobst Wagner worries about the Swiss economy and civil society. That's why he's rewarding smart ideas for Switzerland's future.

China's growing prosperity

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, China and other emerging economies took over as the engine of wealth generation.

Why investors can expect resilience – not recession

While global growth is likely to remain modest in 2020, a recession continues to look unlikely. Investors should keep a keen eye on the US-China trade war, major central banks' monetary policy, corporate debt, and the US presidential elections – among the issues that could shape the global economy's performance in the year ahead. Below we round up some of the main takeaways from the Credit Suisse Investment Outlook 2020: Resilience after all.

Global CIO video: "Equities are the place to be invested in"

Over the past month, some major equity indices have hit record highs, spurred by several factors including another rate cut by the US Federal Reserve, hopes for a US-China trade deal and signs of stabilization in global industrial production. In the latest Global CIO video, we look at the latest developments and our current views.
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