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From sickcare to healthcare – data transforming the health sector

Thanks to advancements in technology we are soon to experience a new approach to health. It will become safer, more personalized and convenient, and focused on prevention rather than treatment of the disease, explains Christian Schmid, in-house health tech investment specialist at Credit Suisse.

China's Belt and Road Initiative. Big hopes, big fears.

China is bringing the economies of Europe, Africa and Asia closer together with the century's largest infrastructure project. The New Silk Road may bring a surge in growth – and it's inspiring hopes and fears alike.

"The goal of humanitarian work is to eliminate the need for humanitarian work"

The Red Cross has had an enormous impact on the world. ICRC President Peter Maurer discusses new ways of financing humanitarian projects, modern conflicts and whether the world is doing better or worse today than in the past.

Schurter finally decorated after long wait, Ryf spurred on by setback

The selection of Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year formed the highlight of the festive and exciting Credit Suisse Sports Awards. Triathlete Daniela Ryf and mountain biker Nino Schurter both beat off stiff competition. It was a first for the latter, whereas the former was repeating her triumph of 2015.

Ignazio Cassis: "There's no insurance for prosperity."

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis is concerned about Switzerland's position as a business location, would like to cure the Swiss of their perfectionism and supports bilateral agreements.

New priorities

Voters are less worried about unemployment (traditionally a top concern) and do not feel their jobs are threatened by digitalization. The most urgent issues are pensions, healthcare, and migration.

Identity under siege

The reform backlog, immigration and problems with the EU are perceived as threats. But there's still some very good news.

Let's get to it!

Almost nowhere in the world do people have as much faith in their institutions as in Switzerland. The army and the police continued to gain trust while political parties lost some.

Grand disillusions

Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) is Switzerland's problem child. Even the planned reforms are inadequate – the country should and must aim for a master stroke.

"I would like to see a little more optimism"

The co-owner and CEO of the Weidmann Group is one the Swiss economy's most powerful women. Franziska Tschudi Sauber on digitalization, trade tariffs and the resilience of the Swiss.
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