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Green Finance. Can Nature Pay for Itself?

With the population growing, the world of today is exposed to increasing needs and shrinking natural resources. Numerous initiatives at supranational, national, and regional level are attempting to restore some of the environmental balance. The finance industry has a part to play, too. 

US Tax Reform Bill Could Add to Growth Next Year

The US tax reform bill contains significant incentives to capital expenditure, which should add to economic growth in 2018.

Financial Markets 2018: Growth Underpins Equities

With growth robust, interest rates should slowly rise. Equities should make further gains in 2018.

White Turf 2018: Experience White Turf live!

Experience the world of skikjöring and White Turf St. Moritz. Share the excitement and action up close!

Emotional Conclusion to an Exceptional Year

Once again, the Credit Suisse Sports Awards gave a moving review of a very special sporting year – with the vote for the Sportspersons of the Year as highlight. The winners were Roger Federer and Wendy Holdener. One of the decisions was full of suspense, while the other was clear-cut.

60 Seconds With Sergio Garcia – Idols and Tour Friends

Many successful athletes can look back and remember who served as a role model in their early careers. These role models or even idols inspired some of the most talented sporting greats to do above all one thing - strive for excellence. Our golf partner, Sergio Garcia, is now "on par" with the golfing legends he grew up idolizing.

Michael Strobaek: "People will rise up like during the French Revolution"

People are living longer and longer. And society and the economy are changing radically as a result. Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse, reflects on the double-edged sword of demographic change.

60 Seconds With Sergio Garcia – Life after the Masters

2017 has proven to be a life-changing year for Credit Suisse's golf partner Sergio Garcia - on and off the course. After announcing his engagement at the beginning of the year, he started out the season with a tournament win at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. But what began as another golf season quickly changed on an evening in April at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Swiss Tourism: The Future Lies in Quality, Not Quantity

Tourism in the Swiss Alps is recovering at a slow pace. Group tours from Asian countries will make a significantly smaller contribution than independent travelers to value creation within this sector in the future too, according to the Credit Suisse economists. Rather than encouraging mass tourism, Switzerland should therefore be showcasing its attractions as a destination for independent travelers from Asia and elsewhere.

Credit Suisse Sports Awards: Congratulations to the Winners!

At the Credit Suisse Sports Awards, which took place on December 10, 2017, Roger Federer won the vote for Sportsman of the Year. Among the women, Wendy Holdener was crowned Best Sportswoman.
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