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  1. The Real Skinny on Fat

    Eating fat can make you fat, right?

  2. What's the Value Added of the Sharing Economy?

    What's the Value Added of the Sharing Economy?

    How much does the sharing economy add to GDP? Is it significant, and can we even measure it? As activities shift from traditional sectors to sharing, they become harder to measure, obscuring the true economic activity of a country.

  3. Fat: The New Health Paradigm

    Fat: The New Health Paradigm

    Consumers are making new choices, switching away from carbs to food containing fat such as red meat, butter and eggs. This trend offers powerful investment ideas, according to a study by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. 

  4. Mama's Pasta is also the best in Germany

    Dulliken-based PPura won the Export Award 2015 in the Step-In category. Presented at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise, it honors the firm's successful entry into a saturated German food market. 

  5. The Socio-Economic Impact of Obesity

    A third of the population is overweight, and it's proving costly for the economy and society at large. Should the government step in? No! Individual freedom is more important.

  6. A Little More of Everything

    Switzerland's food industry is wide-ranging and globally successful. Its most important export product, however, is neither cheese nor chocolate.

  7. Food for Thought

    In Lausanne, the Nestlé international group is researching the diet of the future. It is intended to protect against diseases, keep people mentally fit or slow down aging. The new food should not only be good for the stomach, but also good for the brain.

  8. "Good taste is infectious"

    Elena Arzak is widely regarded as the best female chef in the world. A conversation about her training in Switzerland, the perfect rösti and her most recent failure.

  9. Tomatoes Offline, Wine Online

    E-commerce in the area of the grocery retail trade is still in its infancy in Switzerland. One reason for this is that people prefer to buy fresh products in stores.

  10. The Amazing Cider-Man

    A lack of character! That's what Credit Suisse employee Clark A. Thompson found in American ciders. So he started producing his own.