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  1. "The ocean provides us with every second breath."

    As the world celebrates World Ocean Day, Marisa Drew, CEO Impact Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse speaks to Karen Sack and José Maria Figueres, two prominent ocean conservation activists and Ocean Unite founders on why there is no life on Earth without a healthy ocean and how market-based instruments can help.

  2. The rise of the responsible consumer

    Concerns about climate change raise serious questions about how sustainable our lifestyles are. Consumers can support sustainable companies through everyday purchases. In turn, responsible companies will be more attractive to investors in the long term. Our new report looks at why responsible consumerism is on the rise and which sectors it will disrupt.

  3. Measure what matters. Impact investing and social change.

    Measure what matters. Impact investing and social change.

    Jasjit Singh, Academic Director at INSEAD Social Impact Initiative argues that, as well as meeting academic goals, impact must be measured by its effect on society. 

  4. Credit Suisse continues to bolster impact investment and sustainable finance franchise through strategic senior hires

    Three senior hires further strengthen Impact Advisory and Finance Department’s reach and offering for clients

  5. New impact investing business models are changing education

    New impact investing business models are changing education

    Industry expert Julia Balandina Jaquier explains how impact investing can introduce a new way of doing business and provide scalable and sustainable investment in education.

  6. Loans with the help of satellite images. A start-up solution.

    How does a corn farmer in East Africa prove his creditworthiness? A start-up has come up with a solution for connecting remote regions to the rest of the world. The only requirement? A mobile phone.

  7. Philanthropy's ability to heal

    Philanthropy's ability to heal

    Solving the largest threats to global health cannot be achieved in isolation. A myriad of approaches will be needed to make progress in making the world a healthier place. Find out how the interplay of philanthropy, public capital and private investment is making all the difference.

  8. Social entrepreneurs: Innovative ideas benefit the ocean.

    Social entrepreneurs: Innovative ideas benefit the ocean.

    Marisa Drew, CEO of the Impact Advisory and Finance department, Credit Suisse, in a conversation with Javier Goyeneche, founder of Ecoalf, a sustainable fashion company.

  9. Impact investing: A strategic choice

    Bridging the gap between returns-driven investment and values-driven philanthropic donation, a range of new investment forms has become established in recent years. The most popular are investments that pursue financial objectives while at the same time integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Impact investing takes this to its logical next step by combining the quest for profit with the mission of making a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact.  

  10. A new approach to development aid

    A new approach to development aid

    Economist Abhijit Banerjee and his wife, Esther Duflo, have revolutionized development aid. Their first step was to conduct comparative field studies to find out what works and what doesn't.