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  1. Meeting in the office

    Entrepreneurial gender gap – funding is still a struggle

    One of the key barriers that female entrepreneurs face when developing their businesses is a lack of access to venture capital or funding. 

  2. Strong diversity and inclusion practices are good for business

    As part of our ESG research at Credit Suisse we have regularly analysed the topic of workplace diversity and correlations of corporate performance. In CS Gender 3000, we showed that increased gender diversity at senior management and board level coincides with superior share-price performance. Workplace diversity and inclusion can be expanded beyond gender to also include: sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race and socio-economic factors. Our LGBT 350 analysis investigates the performance of companies with strong diversity and inclusion practices. We found that a basket of 350 LGBT friendly companies performed better in terms of financial performance and share price performance than the MSCI AC World index for the same period.

  3. The role banks can play in advancing gender equality

    What happens when a bank makes a move towards achieving greater gender parity internally, combined with a sharp focus on the ambitions set out in SDG 5? Learn more in a conversation with Laura Hemrika, Global Head Corporate Citizenship & Foundations and Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Credit Suisse.

  4. The Campaign for Female Education: How an innovative approach to aid scales up the impact

    The Campaign for Female Education: How an innovative approach to aid scales up the impact

    UNESCO reports that 52.2 million girls of primary to upper secondary school age in sub-Saharan Africa don't go to school. This has devastating consequences for themselves, their families, and society. 

  5. Credit Suisse Branches Are Now Equipped with Mobile Hearing Loops

    New measure for barrier-free access to banking services

  6. Credit Suisse: Program for Returners Enters Third Year

    Nearly 30 professionals return to work after an extended career break

  7. Diversity in the Workplace: Credit Suisse Ranks Top among the Largest Swiss Companies

    Credit Suisse receives award from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Commission for Technology and Innovation

  8. Women's Careers: Too Little Planning, Too Much Chance

    Credit Suisse wants to increase the percentage of women in senior management to 20 percent by 2020. Three employees of the bank as well as an expert in diversity and inclusion talk about reality and potential, outlooks, role expectations, and departing from the norm.