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  1. Millennials and sustainable food. A long-term investment theme.

    Millennials and sustainable food. A long-term investment theme.

    Millennials' demand for sustainable food are revolutionizing the food industry, making way for new groundbreaking companies. Credit Suisse has identified Millennials' Values as one of the six long-term investment themes known as Supertrends.

  2. A move to inclusive capitalism in times of uncertainty

    The recent confluence of health, economic and social crises around the world has led to an outpouring of anger and anxiety about the levels of inequalities in many societies today.

  3. Key issues for Generation Z and politics

    Generation Z engages politically

    Youth culture has long been considered a politics-free zone, but now Generation Z is joining its predecessors in taking to the streets. Are we witnessing the political awakening of young people?

  4. AI and healthcare: more personal and more accessible

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, has many applications in healthcare. Discover what companies are doing in primary care and fertility medicine, in our series of interviews.