World-changing ideas from women of impact
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World-changing ideas from women of impact

The Women of Impact event celebrates women who change the world. We explain why it started and what it contributes to WEF.

The Women of Impact Dinner is an annual event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Created to showcase extraordinary women who are making change happen in the world, the event offers women a platform to share their stories.

Every year, the speaker roster features women who have overcome tremendous odds to achieve the progress they want to see happen as well as women who have taken on challenges on an immense global scale. Driven by passion and purpose, women famous and unknown achieve incredible feats that the world needs to know about.

Putting stories front and center of the event allows issues to become more tangible and for change-making women to be able to make a powerful emotional impact on an influential audience. This increases the spread of good ideas and highlights the solutions women are finding to some of the world’s biggest problems. 

Tina Brown, Founder and CEO of Tina Brown Live Media and Women in the World USA, explains why creating a forum for women of impact was such an urgent priority and how the event contributes to the global marketplace of ideas on display at WEF.

Highlighting stories from women who drive change | WEF

Launching a fight for progress

Sometimes, the fight for progress becomes literally just that. Lina Khalifeh founded SheFighter, a women-only self-defense studio designed to empower women both physically and mentally. She explains how she relied on her entrepreneurial mindset to overcome obstacles and get her business idea off the ground.

How I made change happen for women | WEF

Unleashing the power of storytelling

Filmmakers tell the stories behind the headlines, bringing a new perspective to familiar issues in a way that makes an impact and inspires the audience to demand progress. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, an Oscar-winning filmmaker and activist, explains how the powerful storytelling in her films can make change happen for women round the world.

Driving change for women through powerful filmmaking | WEF