White Turf 2018: Experience White Turf live!
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White Turf 2018: Experience White Turf live!

Experience the world of skikjöring and White Turf St. Moritz. Share the excitement and action up close!

Experience the World-Exclusive Skikjöring for Yourself!

Skikjörer will compete with their horses at White Turf on three Sundays in the month of February and dash across the snowy racetrack at almost 60 kilometers per hour. For 111 years, men have been proving their bravery here as they battle for the title of "King of the Engadine," which is awarded to the most successful racer based on points after all three races. But the overall victory at White Turf is no longer a purely male domain: In 2017, for the first time in racing history, a woman was crowned "Queen of the Engadine." It was a dream come true for Valeria Holinger from St. Moritz. And it was a double victory for the women: Holinger's thoroughbred mare Usbekia – her co-queen, so to speak – contributed her part to the well-deserved triumph with her enormous will to race. Would you also like to be a skikjörer for a day? As a long-time partner of White Turf, we are delighted to offer you a virtual skikjöring experience:

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An Amazing Team

For an event like White Turf to continue to grow and develop, it needs dependable partners such as Credit Suisse, which has been a staunch supporter for more than 40 years. Such a long partnership is exceptional. To mark the partnership's 40th anniversary, Credit Suisse also contributed to another White Turf highlight by creating a new trophy: The overall winner of the Credit Suisse Skikjöring Trophy – the "King of the Engadine" – is presented with the Credit Suisse King's Cup, in addition to the prize money, and the three individual daily winners each receive a smaller version of the trophy. The internationally renowned Swiss artists Aubry/Broquard were commissioned by Credit Suisse to create the trophy especially for White Turf.

White  Turf 2018