Virtual reality. Innovations for the real world.
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Virtual reality. Innovations for the real world.

Until recently, virtual reality and augmented reality were still a distant dream. But nowadays, they have become almost indispensable. At the 5th Private Innovation Circle in Hong Kong, three companies demonstrated how these technologies can be put to profitable use.

The entrepreneurial mindset is deeply rooted in Credit Suisse's culture. The bank's annual Private Innovation Circle offers start-ups the opportunity to make contact with potential investors and win them over to their ideas. The 5th Private Innovation Circle was attended by three innovative companies whose products focus on virtual reality and augmented reality in different ways.

5th Private Innovation Circle. Exploring new dimensions in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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Screening Eagle works in the infrastructure area. The company uses sensors and drones to create virtual copies of large buildings or structures such as bridges, football stadiums and airports. These virtual copies make it possible to inspect the buildings for damage, to assess and document their condition, and, if necessary, to initiate maintenance and construction work. In this way, they contribute to the safety of existing buildings and optimize the planning of new maintenance work.

WayRay develops solutions for the auto industry. The technology makes it possible to project virtual objects directly onto the windshield in high resolution. The system uses augmented reality to register pedestrians, obstacles on the road, and other important information, and to display corresponding indicators in real time. In this way, it shows drivers those points that require their particular attention, and alerts them to any dangers. The system can be installed in new cars and can also be retrofitted.

Virtually Live makes dreams come true. The company combines television and gaming to a certain extent, and offers e-sports enthusiasts the opportunity to participate live in Formula E races. Gamers can compete with the major names in motorsport while these drivers are actually racing on the other side of the world.