How important is the financial sector for the Swiss economy? How much does Credit Suisse contribute to the regional economy? What are the main international regulatory developments? What does Credit Suisse do to counter youth unemployment? What measures are taken to improve the quality, stability and integrity of the financial center?

This application provides an overview of the activities performed by Credit Suisse and the multifaceted commitment of both the Bank and the financial center in Switzerland. The new 2015 version presents itself in an updated design with improved functionality and increased user-friendliness. This application illustrates with charts, facts and figures the contribution made by the financial sector to the Swiss economy. This gives the user a cutting-edge view into Switzerland’s financial market policy.

"The Swiss Financial Center and Credit Suisse" is available as a free app for smartphones and tablets running either the Apple or Android operating system can be obtained via the following links:

The facts and figures of Credit Suisse in Switzerland are also available as a PDF file.