The Graubünden Economy: Facing Four Challenges
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The Graubünden Economy: Facing Four Challenges

The Canton of Graubünden is facing considerable challenges in the areas of tourism, the export economy, construction and hydropower, as shown in Credit Suisse's latest regional study.

Prospects for the economic development of the Canton of Graubünden look poor when we examine its economic structure: The construction industry has been hit by the building restrictions affecting second homes; the tourism sector, retailers and businesses are battling with the strong franc; structural change is speeding up migration from peripheral regions; and low energy prices are dampening the profitability of hydropower.

Cantonal policies are having only a limited effect on these developments. However, a series of reforms have been drafted to give the canton and municipalities more power.

The new regional study produced by Credit Suisse examines the economy, locational quality, business, housing, and public finances in the Canton of Graubünden.