The future of intelligence. Artificial by nature.
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The future of intelligence. Artificial by nature.

Artificial intelligence is on the march. While some warn against it, others highlight the opportunities it provides. At the 5th Private Innovation Circle, three startups active in this field provided insights into their activities.

Three new companies that are active in the field of artificial intelligence and fintech solutions made use of the 5th Private Innovation Circle to meet potential investors. The event series demonstrates how deeply entrepreneurial thinking is rooted in the nature of Credit Suisse.

5th Private Innovation Circle. Discover future trends in artificial intelligence and fintech.

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SingularityNET is a decentralized network for artificial intelligence (AI) in which everybody can create, share, and sell AI services and technologies. The company also offers its own AI services in the field of cloud computing. Moreover, it offers corporate and private clients applications for end consumers.

i2x is active in the field of real-time voice analysis. Its software enables companies with call centers to improve the phone calls of their sales and customer service teams. This is done by analyzing calls with the help of machine learning, algorithms, big data, and the knowledge of communications experts.

Qupital offers trade financing for SMEs within three working days. The SME uploads its invoices to the Qupital platform, where investors can purchase them by auction. The company thus serves as an intermediary between SMEs that are looking for capital and professional and institutional investors searching for short-term investments.